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I know I haven’t been on the air with an original show since February (I think), and I apologize for that. I was hoping to do a couple shows to signify a hiatus, but that never happened. My move to a new apartment took over my life and then the show (if you want more details of that ordeal, click here). Still the move needed to ended, yet no new shows. I kept saying to myself I wanted to do a show explaining the whole move and use it to talk about other societal issues that it touched upon, but it never happened. I was even debating whether or not to restart the show again; just leave it as whatever the legacy was back in February. However something happened that stopped that idea in its tracks: Activate Media went down.

For a time, the company that hosts Activate Media stream and shows were accidentally double billing for their services. When it was first brought to their attention, they corrected the problem. But the double billing started again and now our site is down until Activate Media pays the amount due (which we don’t owe). So the only way for us to fix this is to rebuild the out library and start over again. Activate Media hopes to be streaming again sometime in October.

For a minute, I thought this was an easy out. I could stop making shows and move on with my life. However it turns out to be a blessing. This down time to rebuild is an opportunity to catch up on the show. I took a hiatus last year to refocus the the show from becoming a topical news show with a religious base, to a longer ethical view of society at large. While some of that worked, it was also easy for me to backslide and try to keep up with the news of the day (this administration almost makes it a necessity). Then I felt like I was falling behind and had no way to catch up. With having to rebuild the network, I’m in the same boat as everyone else, which means I can catch up again. It also gives me a chance to update the blog. I know I have readers from around the world wondering where I am; I should probably tell them, if I haven’t lost any.

I still need help getting the show together (asking for a co-producer or an intern didn’t bear any fruit) and I have my own organizational issues to deal with (hard to research shows with anxiety attacks in the way). But at least now I get a chance to help our parent group rebuild and make up for lost time.