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On Saturday August 19, there was supposed to be a “free speech” rally on the Boston Commons, that was originally supposed to be a white nationalist rally. To most of Boston, it was still a racist, or Nazi, rally. I of course wanted to be there and I wanted Sophia to be with me to stand up against racists and white nationalists. We needed to show they were cowards hiding behind the coattails of a failed president. I was a little worried about violence towards us, how I could protect Sophia if anything happened, stuff like that. I arranged to meet Sophia’s brother and another friend during the march. However when we saw the crowds about 30,000+ waiting to march, I was pretty sure we had nothing to worry about. Sophia kept up her photojournalist end by shooting pics of the protest signs. I broadcast on FB live as best I could. It all came out pretty well. We spent the Saturday marching against Nazis. What did you do this weekend?