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The show “Theology in Action” has been on the internet on and off since December 2011. It started out as a part of Occupy Boston Radio, which was part of the group that held Dewey Square during the Occupy Wall Street protests. Occupy Boston Radio has become Activate Media Radio and the show has been on it ever since. I try not to forget out roots and what the show means to some listeners, but I do admit it is easy to lose track of where we are, especially in an incredibly unstable political (even historical) environment. However, that is part of the show’s premise: while politics is a constant sea of change, our morals should be an immutable shoreline, the base from which we can wage the fight for what is right. Whether it is because the shoreline is being eroded more and more or because the fight itself has gotten harder, I have lost sight of what this show is doing. By that I mean “Theology In Action” is becoming harder and harder to stay on track, on topic, and on time. It doesn’t help that the Trump Administration—as dangerous as it is—moves at lightning speed on so many fronts in so many horrific and idiotic ways that it’s almost impossible to stay current and/or focus on what is being done while we are distracted.

All of this has led me to the point of burnout. I want to do the show, but I want to do it well; with the way things are and all the things I juggle on a daily basis, I can’t do it well. However, the mission of the show is important enough that I can’t end it. So I have made a compromise with Activate Media. “Theology In Action” will be on official hiatus for a few months (possibly airing repeats). I will spend time tending to other important matters in my life (including getting my daughter ready for high school) as well as trying to retool the show. I hope to air/record three new shows before Memorial day of this year when the hiatus begins, and be ready to come back to the show at the beginning of December. Hopefully we will have refocused our concentration of the show, and include support staff to help the show stay on message and on track. The blog will remain up and active as a way to keep people updated on progress, as well as an occasional rant or two. All of this is needed to make the show a better one and keep our listeners informed and learned.

Many thanks go out to Activate Media for allowing me to have a show in the first place and affording me the opportunity to improve the show—as well as putting up with me all these many years. As always, thank you to anyone who has tuned into the show or read the blog from wherever in the world you are from. There would be no show without my listeners and no reason to come back or even improve standards either, so thank you so much for that. I assure all of you that this isn’t good bye, but until we meet again.

Be good to each other and yourselves for the rest of the year, and keep resisting. Blessed be.


David Concepcion