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I gave this prayer last week at the Martin Luther King, Jr. day service, but I realize that it is pretty relevant for today as well, all things considered. So I’ve posted it here today for public consumption and the pubic good.

Spirit of Life, God of many names and no name

We come to you in on a day of celebration for the birth and life of one of the many children of God who spoke truth to power for the sake of others

His life meant so much to many who struggled to overcome that we honor him with a day of his own

We also come to you with heavy conscience

We know you are a loving Spirit, a kind Spiritm a just Spirit of love and life

But right now the bastards are winning

We know our world is broken; we broke it

We know our institutions are damaged; we damaged them

We know the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice, but more and more it feels like it is being pushed away from justice

God of many names and no names, right now we need one of two things for you:

To let us know when things will bend back towards justice,

Or give us the will and wherewithal to bend it back ourselves

We are tired, weak, and worn, but we know power conceded nothing without demand

If it is indeed our mission to push our society in the right direction, give us the courage to demand the change we need

Give us the strength to face our challenges head on

Give us the wisdom to pick the right battles, harden our resolve so we may fight them, and give us the good sense to know and remember for whom and why we do it

Spirit of Life, we are tired, weary, and worn, but we are ready

Grant us this wisdom for troubling times ahead

We ask this out of love and revernce for all life and all we hold dear.

Blessed be.