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If there is one thing I’ve learned from being involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign this primary election cycle, it’s that we all deserve to have our voices and votes heard. With the media blackouts, purged voter rolls and the entire Nevada Caucus debacle, it is obvious that the party elites do not want to hear what the people want; they only care about maintaining power. To counter this, people need choices. To this end I am working on giving people choices in the election.

The Green Party, which has offered Bernie a spot on their ticket if he wants it, is on the ballots in 21 of the 50 states. For them to be viable, they need to get on the ballot in the rest of the states. This means gathering signatures in those states and getting them in on deadlines (that are quickly coming up, some BEFORE the convention in Philly). Go to the Green Party website, find out if your state–or even neighboring state–needs help gathering signatures and get them on the ballots.

I addition to the presidency, all the seats in House of Representatives and 24 seats in the Senate are up for grabs this November. If we are going to help Bernie get more hands on deck to help him in office, we need to get his allies into office. The Berniecrats Network lists all the candidates that endorsed Bernie or are self proclaimed “Bernie progressives” with a list of websites and emails. Check them out and support them, and if you’re in their state, vote for them in the primaries.

Now I say this as a Bernie supporter: I still support him and the cause. We are mature people and can multitask. Yes, go to the convention and protest if you can, but we can also help prepare secondary options, especially if they need to be dome quickly. If we are going to have our voices heard, we need to open as many options for us as possible. Make use of these options and make yourself heard.