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chicagoThe same day I heard about the terrorist attacks in Brussels and the deaths in the Ivory Coast, the news reported 7 gun deaths in Chicago in a 24 hour period. Many of these were gang related violence on unarmed population. And few people, if anyone, are commenting on it. While we worry about terrorists and terrorist groups around the world, in plenty of cities here in America the people of those communities–many of them people of color–already know what it’s like to REALLY live under that threat as a way of life. And there are other communities here in America that are blissfully unaware or apathetic about it, just as some would concern themselves with attacks in European countries as opposed to African countries.

It’s easy to be Je Suis Bruxelles or Je Suis Cote d’Ivoire, but who’s going to say Je Suis Chicago? I don’t think I’m the first, but I want to be among them.