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Thanksgiving is the holiday where we get together with family to share a meal and time among loved ones. We get to remember and celebrate the day the Pilgrims came to this land and shared a feast with the Wampanoag Indians, and ignore the death, dispacement and genocide the Europeans settlers laid out on the American Indian nations afterwards. It seems even more appropriate this year that we are reminded of how we are to treat the stranger with an international refugee crisis out of Syria. So appropriately we honor that Christian sentiment of helping the lesser in our society by throwing up even more roadblocks in an already long (2-3 year) wait to possibly get into this land of the free. What better way to get us into the spirit of community and helping each other than moving quickly towards a totolitarian state as promised by many of the popular hopeful GOP presidential candidates.

I’m not sure exactly when the culture of denial and amnesia took over the holiday itself and threw a monkey wrench into this holiday, but it has. Like a drowsy tryptophan dream, seem to focus only on how good we are only to ignore how we normally treat our people and the others in the world daily on the other 364 days of the year. I would like to be more upbeat about this day, but with the reaction to all the horrific news this last week seeming more and more unAmerican, it’s very hard. I am glad to be with my daughter for Thanksgiving and spending time with her, but I worry about the society she grows up in more and more each day. I have hope she will be okay, but I wonder if the country I knew will be.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.