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Dear Congressional Republicans,

Yesterday most of America watched as the House Select Committee on Benghazi had former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton testify before them. Despite this being—as told by Rep. Kevin McCarthy and other GOP representatives—a lengthy, costly and redundant attempt to discredit Clinton and her political aims, it was promised that the purpose of this committee was to get to the truth behind what went wrong during the Benghazi embassy attacks. Knowing better, we took Rep. Trey Goudy, chair of the committee, at his word. When the smoke cleared, what happened? 1) we learned nothing new about the attacks that wasn’t already uncovered or debunked at previous investigations, which Goudy admits; 2) we saw the House Republicans acting like petulant fools harassing a woman of power over much ado about nothing; but that doesn’t matter because, 3) you made Clinton look good doing it. Yes this was a taxpayer paid sham of a circus, but it was supposed to weaken Hillary Clinton, so that could have lived with that. Instead you tipped your hand early and then blundered your way into making Clinton even more presidential than before. Almost single-handedly you gave her the Democratic party nomination before any votes were cast. This is unacceptable.

Seeing that you are willing to use taxpayer money to play partisan politics while simultaneously refusing to deal with dark money in Super PACs and any campaign finance reform, there is only one solution to fix this mess: you must trump up a charge against Bernie Sanders and force im to testify in a congressional hearing. Committing divisive political fraud at the people’s expense is one thing, but you will not be allowed to violate the equal-time rule and get away with it—that’s how they’re allowing Trump to host “Saturday Night Live.” If you can’t figure out a hearing to subpoena him for, create a Select House Committee for some spurious reason; It’s not like you haven’t done that before. Maybe something where he has to defend socialism for 10-plus hours. It’s a ratings grabber, you can denounce socialism—or Communism or whatever misguided government philosophy you chose to conflate with the liberal agenda—and you can probably get Sanders frustrated a lot quicker than Clinton. On top of which you owe us. When you promise the American people spilled blood, that’s what we expect.

Please respond soon. The American people are watching.