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After Bernie Sanders was interrupted by two activists on behalf of Black Lives Matter, I was stunned by it. A lot of it had to do with that he was the candidate I truly support; other had to do with the fact that he would be targeted. I wasn’t sure what to think, so of course I started to read more accounts and responses to the event (other than people angry at the Black Lives Matter movement). First I have to commend Mr. Sanders who was able to express how he felt yet still be an ally to the movement by stating in a statement that he was “disappointed that two people disrupted a rally by thousands”; by mentioning the two women activists rather than the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole, he takes issue with the tactics of two people rather than the issues behind the movement. Second, of the articles I’ve read so far, the one linked to below is my favorite. It was written by Pramila Jayapal, who is a female person of color State Senator in Washington state and was at the rally that was interrupted (she was the speaker just before Mr. Sanders). It’s good to get an eyewitness piece that is as thoughtful and cogent as what she wrote concerning the event. Please click on the link below to check it out.–it’s a very important red.

Guest Editorial @ Stranger.com