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With tax day right upon us and many people scrambling to file, pay or extend deadlines for their taxes, I wanted to talk about a group of people that aren’t so worried about them are war and other activist tax resistors. These are Americans who for moral, ethical or social justice reasons hold back some or all of their taxes to protest involvement in wars or the defense budget itself. It may be a little late to do anything about this year’s taxes directly, but you can do a few things.

There will be a Tax Day protest in Boston Saturday April 11, starting at the Apple Store at 12:30. There will be a tax forum ad public speakout at the Old South Church at 2pm. This will be a chance to talk about the potential problems of the federal budget with the GOP controlling both houses of Congress as well as hear from people fighting for common sense budget priorities. Learn more from the Budget For All Massachusetts website here.

And on my radio show this Monday, we will be talking about the basics of tax resistance with Becky Pierce, a longtime tax resistor and active member of the New England War Tax Resistance, and organization that deals with and counsels conscientious tax resistors. You can learn more about the subject and resources at the website for the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee here. And tune into my show Monday at 3pm EST to learn some of the basics of war tax resistance.