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Got a couple of quick updates about the radio show. First, the show about the School of the Americas vigil is scheduled for Monday, January 19, which is the observation of Martin Luther King Jr. day this year. It seemed entirely appropriate to do a show about a human rights vigil on the day we honor a famous human rights advocate. So hopefully you will be hearing more about the show in the weeks to come as we get closer to the date.

Second, I am in the process of getting a bunch of my past shows archived and available to listen to online via a Dropbox link. We had one show posted on this block a few days ago. Here’s a second one from earlier in the Fall. I spoke with two of the activists who helped with the Million Mask March in DC (and other cities in the US and the world) and was one of the better shows of the year in my opinion. Check it out on the link below.

Million Mask March/Anonymous Interview 11/10/14