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The trip to the SOA vigil came and went very well. The audio recording, not so much. Okay that’s oversimplifying things and inaccurate, but it makes for a great opening. 🙂

The trip was good and productive, garnering some good interviews, both sit down and man-on-the-street stuff. However I forgot how tough field recording could be. In good conditions it can be a challenge. I had a laptop with a ood field mike. I got stuff but I underestimated the quality I could get and how that would affect the post production. I’m working on fixing sound levels and making sure things are audible enough. It’s coming but at a slower pace than I thought. So I apologize for not having a show ready to air sooner than I had planned. I hope to have something to air soon and I will let people know in advance when it will air, but I’m not sure how long that will take. I’m only one man and have only so much time. All I ask for is a little patience and understanding.