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It’s official: I will be at the 25th annual SOA vigil this November. We hit our adjusted fundraising goal of $425 earlier today. The original goal of $850 was reduced to $425 thanks to an offline donation of airline tickets, and now the final donations are in. The official tally of reward level funding supporters are: 4 Friends, 3 Sponsors, 2 Angels and 2 Underwriters (three if the donor of the airline tickets wants to make themselves publicly known). So I will be going to Ft. Benning to cover the vigil weekend for the radio show Theology in Action. I’m really excited to be doing this and I owe this to a lot of my friends who spread the word and those that donated the funds to pursue this.

Thanks to all of my friends, fans, listeners and blog readers. We did it!!! Here’s to bringing you a great show at the end of November!