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The fundraising for the SOA trip continues. Through an in-kind donation of plane tickets, I was able to lower the amount needed to $425. So far of the donors, we have two Friends of the show, one Sponsor, two Angels, and two Underwriters; and the total collected so far is $320. We only need $105 to make this trip a reality. This last bit of funding will go towards gas and child care (even though we’re on for the trip, we still need to make sure my daughter is taken care of back in Boston). Anything people can donate will help—as you can see every little bit helps—and you will be thanked on air in our show credits.

Thanks so much to those who have donated so far and to those who are helping spread the word. Listen to “Theology in Action” on Activate Radio (www.activatemedia.org) Mondays 3-4pm. Go to the fundraising link below and donate to get this show about the SOA on the air.