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There’s been a couple of big and exciting developments in the fundraising efforts for the SOA radio project.

  1. A friend, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, has generously secured me a round trip ticket to Atlanta for the weekend of the vigil. So I WILL be going to the vigil to record events for a program! The fundraiser is still active because I still need to pay for one piece of production equipment and make sure child care is secured for my daughter in Boston. The GoFundMe page is still active but at a reduced rate of $425—which means we are 2/3 funded and only need another $155 to meet our goal. We’re close! Thanks to all those who helped so far.
  2. I was contacted by the PR office at Ft. Benning/SOA who heard about my blog. They have agreed to an interview on tape the Saturday morning before the vigil (the vigil is held Sunday morning at the gates of Ft. Benning). I am looking forward to the chance to hear their side of things and get some questions answered.

Things are moving quickly, but we’re not done yet. We’re most of the way there with the funding and still need help getting the rest. Go to the link below and donate what you can to the cause. Please pass this around and let people know about the project, the program and the need for donations. Thanks to all my listeners, readers and fans.

Click here to donate