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Wanted to let you know where things stood with getting the funding for the trip to the SOA vigil in November. So far I have received $270 in pledges against a $850 budget goal. This means I’m 1/3 of the way to being funded, but still have a way to go. I usually do something on Fridays called “Keep the Faith Friday.” I try to do something a little uplifting for the end of a week with a lot of stress and chaos. What better way to keep the faith than having the faith that this project WILL get funded!

Still it’s important to make that plea. As a reverend friend of mine used to say during offertory times, “it’s the job of the minister to ask for outrageous sums of money; it is up to you to decide how much you can do.” So please click the link below and donate what you can to this project. Thanks to all my followers and friends.