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The organization SOA Watch (www.soaw.org) is holding their 25th annual memorial vigil on November 21-23 at the gates of Ft. Benning in Georgia. The vigil commemorates the death of 6 Jesuit priests, their co-worker and his teenage daughter, who were massacred in El Salvador in 1989. A Congressional task force found that those responsible for it were graduates of the SOA (School of the Americas). The SOA (also known as the Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation) is a combat training camp within Ft.. Benning that trains foreign military and police officials in South and Central America. The students are trained in psychological warfare, counterinsurgency and paramilitary tactics, and enhanced interrogation techniques. These tactics are are often wrought against the populace to maintain governmental and/or corporate power.

A the host of Theology in Action, this event is exactly what we try do deal with each week—stories that meet at the intersection of spirituality and social justice. We are starting a GoFundMe campaign to fund a trip to the vigil at Ft. Benning to record the weekend events and conduct interviews with the participant about their efforts in the cause to close the school. The budget is set at $850 which covers travel (air and car), room, and production costs. The end result will be a 1-hour long show about the SOA, SOA Watch, the vigil and weekend events, including what people can do to help SOA Watch in their mission to close the school. All donors will be thanked by name on air at the end of the show in gratitude for funding the show.

Please go to www.gofundme.com/elvur4 to help fund our efforts. Thanks so much.