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“Theology in Action” the internet radio show about spirituality and activism, has been back on the air for the last couple of months with good results. As much as I like to hear myself talk for an hour once a week, the show is at its best when it’s a dialogue with other guests. There are many activists with different causes that come from all parts in the spiritual spectrum—from atheists to Zoroastrians. We are inviting guest activists, religious leaders, lay leaders, and others to appear on our talk show and promote your cause, rant about an injustice, or add to the various national/international conversations that need to be heard. If you are interested in being on our show, please contact me directly:

email: Mawriter212@gmail.com
Twitter: TheologyinAct

We can always accommodate interviews over the phone and Google Hangouts, so location isn’t a problem. If an important event is coming up, get in touch soon.