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A friend of mine got really pissed off and down this week looking at the news in Ferguson, the air strikes in Iraq, as well as almost all his friends (including me) having epic personal issues and ranting about it online, he requested on Wednesday that we make Friday “Keep the Faith Friday” in hopes to “remind humanity that we can all do some great things when we put our minds to it!!” I’m kind of hoping it catches on. We have a lot of days on social media where we look at the past (e.g. Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, Wayback Wednesday, etc), but looking backwards doesn’t give us much hope. Hope requires a leap into unknown territory emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. To do that you need to look forward, even project forward, to a time that may or may not come and have the optimism that events will improve. That’s faith (at least a leap of faith). So I hope this can catch on, but at the very least I hope we can pick a day of the week to look ahead with a smile.