But Cragun, who specializes in the sociological study of religion, said the article is not a call to completely revoke the tax-exempt status of religious organizations. Rather, he would suggest tax exemptions only for nonprofit organizations — religious or secular — whose services the government would have to supply if those organizations disappeared.

“It makes little sense for a group like the Red Cross to pay taxes because what they are doing is truly a benefit to all society,” he said. “But if we took religious organizations away, would the government say ‘We really need religious-based charity, so we are going to step in.’ I don’t think they would.”

I’m not sure if that argument holds water, but the article does make for very interesting discussions. The REAL argument should be that if these tax-exempt organizations are providing quality services to the public, why are so many corporations unwilling or unable to give back to the public in the form of jobs and fair tax payments?