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I wanted to take the time to apologize for not keeping up with the blog. As you might know if you listen to the show (Friday nights at 8pm on OBR.fm), I have been underemployed for a long time and recently unemployed as well. Well That ended as I now have two part time jobs in different sections of the city. It’s tiring but something that is necessary. However it has kept me away from updating the blog when the followers and readership seems to be growing. Seems my timing really sucks.So I wanted to take a moment and check back in with the readers and followers and explain myself.

There should be a new show this Friday night and we are working on it in the process. I expect to have some really good guests–both returning friends and brand new people–for future shows this summer and more things to talk about as we go along. Plus I will try harder to get something up on the site once or twice a week. Might be an article I read,a brief meditation, or one of my rambling speeches that I took the time to write down. Either way something will be up here more effectively I assure you. All I ask is that you bear with me as I balance several jobs at once with a life on social media at the same time.

Hope you are all in good spirits.

David Concepcion, host of “Theology in Action” radio show on OBR.fm